New construction / Sub-floor & Footer systems

The Basement Drain Main System design integrates the baseboard system with the subfloor tile system. This design harness hydrostatic pressure. Instead of dumping water under your floor... Hydrostatic Pressure is used to drive water to the Sump Pump.Water soaking in around the foundation creates hydrostatic pressure. Holes tapped into the base of the blocks releases the pressure. Water flows through this low profile system to a sump-pump. The concrete floor is poured over the Basement Drain Main™ low profile. Basement Drain Main™ water flow is equal to that of a 3 inch pipe. Two co-extruded rubber seals along the bottom of the Basement Drain Main™ system reduce dumping of exterior water under the basement floor. Instead of dumping hydrostatic pressure under your basement floor... Basement Drain Mains™ trap hydrostatic pressure with these two rubber seals then uses the pressure to drive water to the sump pump system.

diy basement waterproofing

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